Three Mothers


June 4 - June 6   Migration Museum, London    

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June 11   Oldham Coliseum                 Buy Tickets to Oldham Coliseum               

June 12   Wakefield Theatre Royal      Buy Tickets for Wakefield Theatre Royal        

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June 17   Bolton College                          

June 18   Sheffield Theatre Deli              

June 20   Harrogate Theatre                    

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"An outstanding example of storytelling that is both compelling and deeply affecting. Not to be missed."  Everything Theatre

"Three great performers with three interlocking refugee stories across time. An impressive debut from Matilda Velevitch. Worth your time."  The Times

“Their stories creatively flow in and out of each other, hinting at connections.”  Spy in the Stalls

"Matilda Velevitch’s writing manages to incorporate humour and ultimately hope into a narrative that never fails to grip."  Theatre Bubble

"I have tried to do justice to this beautifully written and acted play, the best thing I can do is to urge you to go and see it."  View from the Cheap Seat

“Four stars”  The Fourth Wall

“Astonishing”  The Stage 

“Four stars”  British Theatre Guide

"Fascinating”  London Theatre 1

When KHADY’s husband dies, she is forced to sell his goats. Sending her eldest son away from Senegal across desert and sea to Europe, in the hope that he will find a better life, she plunges her entire family into uncertainty. 

When GISELA’s life in England is turned upside down, she goes home to Bavaria seeking comfort and familiarity. But her attempts to assist the steady flow of refugees arriving in her childhood village soon awaken memories from her own past. 

ERIKA reveals the truth about the journey made on foot with her baby daughter after being expelled from Sudetenland in 1945. The bold choices made by these three mothers are brought together as one compelling narrative in this play.